Exploring the Chakras The human body is a vibrating energy form composed of oscillating cells, energy meridians, energy bodies, and chakra centers. Understanding the anatomy allows you to expand your awareness and understanding of physical, emotional, and mental dis-ease (energetic blockage). This opens up all kinds of possibilities in the realm of healing one's issues on multiple levels. Each one of these CDs addresses special elements of chakra care. The wise one choose to tend the chakras, paying attention to sensations, blockages, conditions that can develop when one interferes with the body's natural capacity to clear and clean. Storing energy through conscious or unconscious choice starts to back up the systems and the chakras. These thematic energy portals are very informational and are aligned with specific frequencies of healthy balance. Use the CDs to maintain chakra health. The Chakra Immersions Series of CDs are particularly powerful in assisting the focused clearing and alignment of that energy center. Chakras one and two are complete with three and four nearing completion as well. Eventually, all seven in body chakras will be available for a complete set. Adding external chakras, the back side of each in body chakra, and the external spiritual points will give you a cutting edge set of musical and energetic tools with which you can clear and maintain your energetic field, within and without. Start exploring this Sound Alchemy tool specifically focused on Chakra Care.
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