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Sound Alchemy Resources: Root Chakra Immersion CD

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The Chakra system is a remarkable design. Each is frequency and thematic based. It holds certain types of energy in temporary storage with the intention of releasing to return to balance. If we do not respond to the subtle callings of the chakra to clear then the calling increases in intensity until, we can physicalize a dis-eased condition. Clearing the chakras is vital to health and longevity. This is part one of a remarkable 7 part series of all in-body chakra immersions. Using specific tones and frequencies, chants, invocations to Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, and etheric guides, rhythms, spoken word affirmation/proclamations, intentional songs, tuning forks, and more, you are given a powerful resource of clearing and maintenance. Indispensable in today’s hectic, ever changing world. The root is foundation work. Clearing here impacts all other chakras above it.
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1. Roots
2. C Note Tone 256 cps
3. Vocal Drone Uh
4. Mantra: Hung Vajra Peh
5. Color Red Frequency 700 cps
6. Saturn Frequency 147.85 cps
7. Ascended Master Serapis Bey Invocation
8. Earth Tone 136.1cps
9. Earth Grounding Chant: Wani Wachialo
10. Rattle Sequence
11. Fourth Ray Frequency
12. Elohim Purity and Astrea Invocation
13. Root Rhythm 67.8bpm
14. Archangel Gabriela and Hope Invocation
15. Adrenals Frequency 492.8cps
16. Root Empowering Statements
17. Atlantean Chant: Aleou Faaro
18. Kabbalah Frequency: Malkuth 532cps
19. Sung Mantra: Om Ha Ksa Ma La Va Ra Yam
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01 Roots

02 Hung Vajra Peh

03 Serapis Bey

04 Wani Wachialo

05 Purity Astrea Elohim

06 Root Rhythm

07 Gabriel Hope

08 Root Statements

09 Aleou Fahro

10 Om Ha Ksa Ma La