Exploring the Chakras The human body is a vibrating energy form composed of oscillating cells, energy meridians, energy bodies, and chakra centers. Understanding the anatomy allows you to expand your awareness and understanding of physical, emotional, and mental dis-ease (energetic blockage). This opens up all kinds of possibilities in the realm of healing one's issues on multiple levels. Each one of these CDs addresses special elements of chakra care. The wise one choose to tend the chakras, paying attention to sensations, blockages, conditions that can develop when one interferes with the body's natural capacity to clear and clean. Storing energy through conscious or unconscious choice starts to back up the systems and the chakras. These thematic energy portals are very informational and are aligned with specific frequencies of healthy balance. Use the CDs to maintain chakra health. The Chakra Immersions Series of CDs are particularly powerful in assisting the focused clearing and alignment of that energy center. Chakras one and two are complete with three and four nearing completion as well. Eventually, all seven in body chakras will be available for a complete set. Adding external chakras, the back side of each in body chakra, and the external spiritual points will give you a cutting edge set of musical and energetic tools with which you can clear and maintain your energetic field, within and without. Start exploring this Sound Alchemy tool specifically focused on Chakra Care.
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Part Number: FreeRootCall

Price: $0.00
For over two years I offered free Chakra Clearing Calls once a month. We would cycle through the in-body chakras, addressing each with information, sound, chant, word, and intentional song. Here is a complete one hour call addressing the Root Chakra so that you can get a sense of what the calls were about and just how powerful they were...
Part Number: GuidebookChakra

Price: $35.00 $25.00
Our chakra system is a primary foundational element of our energy anatomy. It serves as a cosmic framework upon which our physical body home draws life force and receives guidance and nurturing. TO learn about the chakras and how they interface so completely with the human journey is a choice to enter a profound relationship between you and the ever oscillating life force. This book is a deep exploration into how we are made up. Nothing is as it seems. We are guided and regulated by our chakra system. It is time to learn about it and put yourself back on your own energetic high frequency track. The Guidebook for Evolving Chakra Care will do that...and oh, so much more. 
Part Number: ExtSpiritPtsCallsPKG

Price: $45.00 $29.00
Outside the body in the energy field there exist, according to author, Cyndi Dale, a series of Spiritual Points that interface directly via energetic cords with the spinal vertebrae. Each point has a thematic structure that infuses the pure information into the energetic self. Learn what this is about and how to use it in this three hour plus Sound Alchemy package. Click to access the product page with a full length Chakra clearing session call sample to get hear and feel the session
Part Number: SASCompleteChakraClearing

Price: $16.00 $12.99
This Sound Alchemy Series CD addresses the health and maintenance of the seven in body chakras. Each chakra receives a toned phonetic at a specific pitch, an intentional chant to sing, and a series of empowering, affirmative statements over a drone of environmental music. Can be utilized in one 80 minute setting or accessed as individual chakra treatments.
Part Number: HTAGrounding

Price: $5.00
This article helps you to create a solid foundation by teaching you to stay connected to the Earth. Being grounded allows you to be fully present to your skills, talents, information, and energy to deal effectively with whatever comes into your life's moments. Practical techniques empower you to be more consistently clear.
Part Number: ChakraAlignCallsPkg

Price: $120.00 $87.00
A powerful package of over 9 hours of recorded Chakra Clearing Sessions facilitated by Mark. Each of the seven in body chakras plus the Earth Star Chakra and Soul Star Chakra is addressed in each hour long plus recorded calls. These are the exact recordings made during the program carried out over the last two years.Get them now as MP3 files, each with a written support page.

Visit the page by clicking the image or the title and have access to a full length chakra clearing call for free just to see what it is and what it can do for you.
Part Number: BackExtChakraCallsPKG

Price: $135.00 $87.00
Recorded hour-plus conference call sessions that addressed the back side of each in body chakra as well as five of the external body chakras. This information and presentation/activities is new to the traditional sound healing circles and is inspired by the ground breaking work of Cyndi Dale. This package consists of over 9 hours of powerful and effective sound healing sessions that will bring your awareness to the existence of these new chakra elements. You will also learn how to cleanse and maintain each of these areas. Each session is accompanied by a written support page.

Go to the product page to access a full length example of an actual call recorded in 2011.
Part Number: HTABalanceChakras

Price: $5.00
Learn how to balance your 7 in body chakras to create a more peaceful state. Simple exercises to assist you in reaching a clear state any time you choose to do so. Informative and easy to apply.
Part Number: HTACuttingCords

Price: $5.00
This article helps you to establish and maintain clearer energetic boundaries. Energetic cords are established whenever two have interaction. These cords can steal energy and leave you depleted. Learning to keep clear of them has  powerful implications.
Part Number: I1ChakraMajor

Price: $16.00 $12.99
Chakra Moods Major is a collection of frequency specific songs created to invigorate each of the chakras. Use to create energy and brighten your inner and outer moments.
Part Number: HTAToning

Price: $5.00
In this article you will learn to use your voice in a powerful and cleansing way. The voice can massage the inner organs and vibrate out toxic energetic residue. Toning can help to clear any energy attracted during your moments of living. A clean aura is a sure way to prevent the onset of disease and sickness.
Part Number: I2ChakraMinor

Price: $16.00 $12.99
Chakra Moods Minor CD is a collection of instrumentals created to effect the chakras in a relaxing way. Use them to bring calmness and inner focus and reflection.
Part Number: SoundAlchemyChakraRhythms

Price: $16.00 $12.99
Each in-body chakra has a frequency. That frequency can be represented by a rhythm. These seven rhythms are aligned with the seven in-body chakras. Use them to dance yourself into energetic alignment.
Part Number: SH4Root

Price: $16.00 $12.99
Chakra Balancing:Root Chakra CD is the first in an immersion series for each of the seven main chakras. Use this to create and support a strong foundation, grounded in your body to the earth. Filled with specific frequencies, affirmations, invocations to Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Elohim, chants,mantras, and songs. Click the CD pic or title for more information.
Part Number: SASolarPlexusCD

Price: $16.00 $12.99
Chakra Balancing:Solar Plexus Chakra CD is the third in an immersion series for each of the seven main chakras. Use this to activate pure power, increase decision into action choices, work with anger, judgment, and criticism, and empower your self. Filled with specific frequencies, affirmations, invocations to Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Elohim, chants,mantras, and songs. Click the CD pic or title for more information.
Part Number: SacralChakraCD

Price: $16.00 $12.99
Second in the ground-breaking Chakra Immersion Series, this Sacral Chakra CD addresses the issues unique to this potent and expansive chakra. Click the CD pic or title for more information.