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52 Reliable Ways to Get Grounded in Your Physical Body

This book is a guide, a resource, a companion for your personal journey of living moments. It was created over 52
weeks, one new grounding tool being presented each week. It was intended to be a means to develop a grounding
consciousness and a measurable grounding experience. When completed, the traveler would have all of these ways
to get back into the balance. For those who took the original creation journey with me, that purpose has been
And here you are, called to this resource to explore and establish the capacity to be fully in body in your moments of
living no matter the form. As you stay with the course you will find your way home to you, for, when in body fully,
you have all of your inner resources available to you, You find peace and balance in your moments of living no
matter how they show up. And that is a desirable thing…a doable thing…what this book delivers to you.
I would invite you to follow the sequence as it unfolded, learning, practicing, and applying the tools to that which
arises for you in the week. Introduce the next tool after you have integrated the previous one. By the time you reach
number 52 you will have become a fully grounded human with your Whole Self available to you to meet the
Of course, you can wander about and read the ones you are called to. There is a spontaneous wisdom in that. Do,
however, take some time to put that tool in practice before you move to another.
So, too, you can simply read through the whole book from front to back and get the flavor. Doing so will certainly
align your being to the idea of grounding and you will assuredly get opportunities to ground attracted to your new
The bottom line is to put the tools into action. For, they will serve you over and over to bring you back into balance, a
place where you can live from, with clarity and full capacity. You will find that you flow more easily with your
moments of living. You will realize you are less afraid of the unexpected. You will find that you are aware of what is
going on within you and without you. You will find yourself taking more risks and being interested in more
spontaneous adventures. You will rediscover inner capacities and skills to meet your moments of living. You will be
able to integrate difficult situations more rapidly. You will be lighter and more playful about living. Things won’t
bother you like they did before you learned

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Earth Star Chakra
  3. Breath
  4. Birth Name
  5. Chanting
  6. Energetics
  7. Use Mantra
  8. Use Proclamation
  9. Garden
  10. Use Minerals
  11. Release Emotional Debris
  12. Spend Time in Nature
  13. Dance and Move
  14. Sing
  15. Drum
  16. Rattle Cleanse
  17. Get in Water
  18. Meditate
  19. Guided Journeys
  20. Exercise
  21. Change Your Beliefs
  22. Observe, Step Back, Pause
  23. Earth Food
  24. Aromatherapy
  25. Engage in Play and Laughter
  26. Feng Shui
  27. Energetic Cleanse
  28. Fast
  29. Do What Gives You Life
  30. Complete Tasks
  31. Be Present for Others
  32. Speak the Unspoken
  33. Make Personal Connections
  34. Practice Invocations
  35. Align with Earth Frequencies
  36. Allow and Encourage Emotion
  37. Step Back and See Things the Way They Are
  38. Take Care of Responsibilities
  39. Cleanse the Chakras
  40. Make Sure Needs are Met
  41. Connect to Source
  42. Clear Your Thinking
  43. Get the Facts Before Responding
  44. Help Others
  45. Exercise Will
  46. Remain Open
  47. Journal
  48. Create
  49. Voice Play
  50. Refrain from Investing in Drama
  51. Have Fun, Laugh and Play (again…it’s that important
  52. Get Some Body Work
  53. Experience Living Moments with Your Whole Body

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The voice gives the body a unique frequency of expression. The voice sounds the body through intentional pitch. It can sound to the body and allow the body to express through it. That voicing is healing as it genuinely witnesses the inner and creates a mutual relationship with the source and the expression. That sound is song. It can be a phoneme, a vowel, a word, a tone…
The sounding sends intention into the body below, calling upon the chakras to clear their unexpressed, to direct their energetic debris to the release point of the throat chakra and the mouth, to give voice to the song that is born from the depths of being. The voice sends the call and the body responds with its flowing song. This exchange brings one home, pulling one into the depths of the body itself, reaching beyond into the Earth to solidify the connection. The Earth contributes her song to merge with yours when you allow the re-union of the two. The song is sent upward to be sent out via the mouth while, at the same time, moving farther upward to the crown where it makes celestial contact. This unification re-establishes the activity of the original design…
Yes, singing does that…especially singing consciously. Everyone carries a song within them, a song that is a frequency based testament to their own I Am That I Am Expressing As Me. It is unique…and it must be sung. Call it forth. Invite the sound from the depths. Give it melody and give it rhythm. Give it lyrics and sing it to the Heavens and to the Earth and to all that lies between.
One learns to sing by singing. The infant sings the primal tones in each utterance. The soundtrack to their moments is beautiful and powerful. It calls forth the Divine design within. It makes contact with the Earth and all the kingdoms. It sends beacons to the ethers and summons the angelic guides. It establishes its presence in the now moment, blessing all within its vibration.
A voice that has been silenced is a temporarily lost soul, circling the point of release, waiting for permission from those who will not come. For this is an inside job that is triggered by the whole being that lives within at all times…the one who has not been shushed from the symphony of life. The song is sent forth to the cells within…and it is they who must respond to initiate the waking up. Wake up…the call has come. Start with a sigh…a release of breath. Sigh again but allow a sound to fall out this time. Again the sigh and the sound but this time from a higher pitch, letting it fall out like a waterfall. Then the vowels, one at a time spoken/sounded, exploring their creation within the mouth, adjusting the shape of the mouth, the position of the tongue, shape of the lips…each time creating something new…the song has begun. Next comes the birth name. Speak it aloud as if for the first time. Speak it slowly so each consonant and vowel have their time. Do it again and again until it becomes a rhythm…or until it starts to suggest pitch…the birth of your melody.
Go to nursery rhymes, songs learned as a child and let them rise forth, swelling with the memories of the times when they were sung without hesitation. Sing their familiar melodies and ride that wave of exhilaration. Sing them over and over.
Singing opens the heart, stirs the soul, reconnects the Cosmic and the Earthly. You are the conduit for the wonder that flows forth. Let the sounds pour from you. Seed your moments with a phonetic, a vowel, a nonsense word. Make sound and let it move in pitch. Make up melodies and sing them to your cells. Call your self home to the Earth in a song. Reclaim the pure joy of song rising from and out of you. Bless the world…start here my friend…build your personal repertoire.

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