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Sound Alchemy Resources: Sacral Chakra Immersion CD Complete MP3 Download

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The Chakra system is a remarkable design. Each is frequency and thematic based. It holds certain types of energy in temporary storage with the intention of releasing to return to balance. If we do not respond to the subtle callings of the chakra to clear then the calling increases in intensity until, we can physicalize a dis-eased condition. Clearing the chakras is vital to health and longevity. This CD addresses chakra two, the Sacral Center. This energy center is where passion, sensuality, creativity, joy, and fear are held. It is also the storage container for any abuses or woundings of life, particularly the unexpressed, unresolved ones. The unspoken words and sound further compromise the throat chakra, as we are typically afraid to speak our truth. This immersion CD will start the clearing process to give you back your spirit and your voice. Essential to living the juicy life.
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1.Carry That Load
2. D Note Tone 288 cps
3. Vocal Drone Ooo
4.Mantra: Om Ram Ramaya
5. Color Orange Frequency 597 cps
6. Moon Frequency 210.42cps
7.Ascended Master St. Germain Invocation
8.Shante Praschante Sarva Bhaya
9. Rattle Sequence
10. Violet Ray Frequency
11.Elohim Arcturus and Victoria Invocation
12.Sacral Rhythm 98.6bpm Native American Beat
13.Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst Invocation
14. Gonads Frequency 586cps
15. Sacral Empowering Statements
16.Atlantean Chant: Moraah Bah O
17. Kabbalah Frequency: Yesod 320cps
18. Bladder Meridian
19. Fibonacci 1/2 Octave
20. D Quartz Bowl
21. Water Symphony
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01 Carry That Load

02 Om Ram Ramaya Namaha

03 Calling St Germain

04 Shanti Prashante Sarva Bhaya

05 Arcturus And Victoria

06 Native American Beat

07 Statements Over Water

08 Zadkiel And Amethyst

09 Moraah Bah O