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Sound Alchemy Resources: Solar Plexus Immersion CD MP3 Download

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The Chakra system is a remarkable design. Each is frequency and thematic based. It holds certain types of energy in temporary storage with the intention of releasing to return to balance. If we do not respond to the subtle callings of the chakra to clear then the calling increases in intensity until, we can physicalize a dis-eased condition. Clearing the chakras is vital to health and longevity. This is part three of a remarkable 7 part series of all in-body chakra immersions. Using specific tones and frequencies, chants, invocations to Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, and etheric guides, spoken word affirmation/proclamations, intentional songs, tuning forks, and more, you are given a powerful resource of clearing and maintenance. Indispensable in today’s hectic, ever changing world. Your SOlar Plexus Chakra is your power center, the place where you make decisions and take action. It figures mightily in choosing to make your connections with the Earth to then move with power in your moments of living. It is the will center as well. This chakra is also where the emotion of anger and its derivatives of judgment, criticism, resentment,, and blame reside energetically. This CD will assist you in bringing this chakra back into balance, thus freeing you from the energetic baggage that often immobilizes.
Click the song title below to listen to a 30 sec. sample of select tracks. Single frequency tones are not given as samples. To access all of the tracks please purchase the download or the CD.

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1. Power
2. E Note Tone 320 cps/Vocal Drone Oh
3. Mantra: Om Gum Ganapatayea Namaha
4. Color Yellow Frequency 580 cps
5. Mars Frequency 144.72 cps
6. Ascended Master Lady Nada Invocation
7. Sun Tone 126.22 cps
8. Solar Plexus Chant: Apache Power Chant
9. Fibonacci Ratio: 2/3
10. Elohim Peace and Aloha Invocation
11. Pancreas Frequency 117.3 cps
12. Solar Plexus Empowering Statements
13. Kabbalah Frequency: Hod 870cps Netzach 644 cps
14. Atlantean Chant: Au Ma La
15. Organ Meridians Frequency: Stomach/Liver
16. Rattle Sequence
17. Archangel Uriel and Aurora Invocation
18. Sung Mantra:Shanti Prashani Sarva Krodha

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