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Nothing like a bunch of North American incarnates reconnecting with their own Native American past lives singing about power and connecting with the Earth. It is no accident that individuals who incarnate in North America carry with them the Native ancestry. They are being set up Cosmically to initiate the reawakening of me and the Earth are One. This is a profound and essential tenet of the awakening times. 

Your power is a given but it must be sustained by a conscious connection with the Earth and the life expanse that feasts on this blue planet. Stand in your power. Accept its forms. Become realized and experience that life free of limitations to dance with constancy in your own I AM. Chant this one out loud and access the Earth through the soles of your feet. Become strong again...people the plains and unify in the grand intentions that fed the past. Bring them forward to this current now. It is required to do so...
I stand here in my power
I am fully realized
I Am free of limitations
I Am holy I/m Divine
With endless energy and talent
I manifest my dreams
All my cells are in alignment
I;m as God created me
I Am, I Am, I Am, IAm
           İMay 7, 1994. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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