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Sound Alchemy Resources: Chakra Moods in Minor Keys CD

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Instrumental music, without words, can engulf you in a wash of sound and vibration. Depending on the key of the song it can impact specific chakras to assist in clearing and rebalancing. Songs in a minor key will pull you inward to allow a personal relationship with the moving energies. Use them to assist you in releasing energies that are moving, stimulated by the moments of living. A variety of styles and instrumentation will provide you with a wide palette of music to serve your body, emotions, mind, and spirit.
Some of the songs were previously released on the CD, Inward Bound.
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Down the Road
The Earth Calls
Awaken to the Source
Surrender to the Past
The First Steps
The Heart Returns Home
I Speak the Name
Just Beyond the Now
The Kiss of Grace

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01 Down The Road

02 The Earth Calls

03 Awaken To The Source

04 Surrender The Past

05 The First Steps

06 The Heart Returns Home

07 I Speak The Name

08 Just Beyond The Now

09 The Kiss Of Grace