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Sound Alchemy Resources: Complete Chakra Clearing CD MP3 Download

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The chakra system that makes up our energetic anatomy is a profound design. It serves us in multidimensional ways, lovingly storing the unexpressed, clearing lower vibrations, assuring that we are in the flow…when it is functioning as it is designed to. Energetic blockages from the moments of living can, over time, slow the rate of the vibration of the chakra, knocking it out of balance. If the chakra is not cleared then dis-ease can begin to take hold. This CD is a complete chakra cleanse and amplification. Through specific tone, chant, and spoken affirmation/proclamation each chakra is brought back to the frequency that serves you best. Use it to focus or as background…just use it!

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1.Mindset Song: Round and Round
2.Root Chakra Toning
3.Root Chakra Statements
4. Root Chakra Focus Song: Like a Tree
5. Sacral Chakra Toning
6.Sacral Chakra Statements
7. Sacral Chakra Focus Song: Carry That Load
8. Solar Plexus Chakra Toning
9. Solar Plexus Chakra Statements
10. Solar Plexus Chakra Song: Apache Power Song
11. Heart Chakra Toning
12. Heart Chakra Statements
13. Heart Chakra Focus Song: Heart Please Open
14. Throat Chakra Toning
15. Throat Chakra Statements
16. Throat Chakra Focus Song: Speak My Words
17. Third Eye Chakra Toning
18. Third Eye Chakra Statements
19. Third Eye Chakra Focus Song: Imagination
20. Crown Chakra Toning
21. Crown Chakra Statements
22. Crown Chakra Focus Song: Contemplation
23. Mindset Song: Energy
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01 RoundandRoundSample

02 RootChakraToningSample

04 LikeaTreeSample

06 SacralChakraStatementsSample

07 CarryThatLoadSample

10 ApachePowerChantSample

13 HeartPleaseOpenSample

16 SpeakMyWordsSample

19 ImaginationSample

22 ContemplationSample

23 EnergySample