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How-to Article: Grounding

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When you are in a state of inner balance then all of your skills, talents, and capabilities are available in the now. Your thoughts are focused. You are capable of action because you are supported energetically. Your awareness allows you to adjust your path and create in the now. Your senses are heightened and your experience of life is richer, fuller, and more satisfying. The flow of the outer world reflects that inner balance. It is smoother.
Wouldn't it follow that you would desire to be in this state more often than not? The forms of life interfere with this balance by introducing change, uncertainty, and stress. The forms are unique to each. There is cultural, social, and personal pressure to be a certain way, to fit in, to succeed. You have bought into believing you have limitations. Your unprocessed energetic past impacts your willingness to move out of your state of fear. It is a challenge to keep in, let alone find, a grounded state.
The good news is that being grounded is a choice…a choice supported by consciousness, tools, techniques, and actions. What follows are seven techniques to assist in creating and maintaining a state of balance.
The Earth is a constant energetic resource. Conscious connection with her is an empowering choice. There are two particular chakras that, when engaged, assist mightily in grounding you. The Root Chakra, at the perineum, opening to the Earth, allows conscious connection with the ground, where energy is fed to us. Become aware of your feet. Notice the feel of the earth. Feel yourself rooted deep into the ground, like a tree. Stomping your feet activates the root chakra and strengthens the connection with the Earth. Put your hands in the dirt and feel the energetic exchange. Lay on the Earth and feel the whole body connection. Breathe and feel.

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