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Sound Alchemy Resources: Chakra Rhythms Complete CD MP3 Download

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Movement is a powerful and necessary remedy for sluggish energy. When the chakras feel clogged or blocked then one needs to get up and improvise. Here is a special set of 9 rhythms designed for each of the 7 in body chakras as well as the Earth Star below the feet and the Soul Star above the head. Choose one and, while focusing on the particular chakra, allow yourself to start moving. There are no right steps here. Follow your impulse. Do off the wall randomness…with one arm doing this and the other doing that.for your body, mind, and spirit. Select the one you need or experience them one by one in a sequence that
brings you back to the frequency of you, uninterrupted.

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1.Earth Star Chakra
2.Root Chakra
3.Sacral Chakra
4.Solar Plexus Chakra
5.Heart Chakra
6.Throat Chakra
7.Third Eye Chakra
8.Crown Chakra
9.Soul Star Chakra

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01 EarthStarChakraRhythm

02 RootChakraRhythm

03 SacralCHakraRhythm

04 SolarPlexusChakraRhythm

05 HeartChakraRhythm

06 ThroatChakraRhythm

07 ThirdEyeChakraRhythm

08 CrownChakraRhythm

09 SoulStarRhythm875yt6