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Sound Alchemy Resources: Musician's Guide to Creating Music That Heals

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Innovative Tools for Facilitating the Creation of Music that Ignites the State of Health

This course is an invitation for you to immerse yourself in the vibration that will engage you to create high frequency music that heals the listener at a cellular level. The tools and techniques are laid out for you to use what you choose and allow that choice to inspire and lead you to even new awareness, new understanding, and new application. Become a vehicle of consciousness that feeds all those who hear your creations. This is a fertile time when new modalities of healing are being made manifest. Make these ideas and tools yours to create the music that will cleanse and nourish and rebalance those who come into contact with it. Blessings to you on your musical journey…

Table of Contents
In Gratitude
Session One: Music and Spirit: an historical overview
Session Two: Pitch and the Chakras
Session Three: Vibrational Use of Key and Scale
Session Four: Specific applications of interval and harmony
Session Five: Chords and their energetic influence
Session Six: Tempo and Rhythm and their Cellular Effects
Session Seven: Voice and Intention as power tools
Session Eight: Creation and application of chant, mantra, and invocation
Session Nine: Intentional use of specific instruments
Session Ten: Music styles and their specific application
Session Eleven: Healing Song Writing
Session Twelve: Resources

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