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Complete Chakra Clearing Solar Plexus Chakra Statements Download

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These statements are designed to clear and amplify the Solar Plexus Chakra. Use them to assist in the clearing of the old doctrine of limitation. The more you use them the more they impact the the deep self, implanting into the subconscious mind. Daily use at least once is highly recommended.

SONG:Solar Plexus Chakra Statements
1. In all my moments I easily make and take action on decisions.

2. I am a powerful being. All my knowledge, skills, talents, and capabilities are available to me at any time.
3. On all levels, in all dimensions, and in all my energy bodies, I now release the energetic residue of anger, power, and control, used by others on me, used by me upon others, or used by me upon myself. I now stand clearly and cleanly in my own power, confident, safe, and willing to make decisions and take action for the Highest Good of all involved.

4. I easily set and maintain strong energetic boundaries to stay in my clear vibration of Wholeness.

5. In all my relationships I choose cooperation, mutual respect, and clear communication when possible. I easily decide between yes and no and confidently express my choice.

6. I am courageous, confident, clear, and willing to be adventurous. In this frequency I live in the now with a trust of guidance and insight that consistently comes to me.

7. I stand here in my power. I am fully realized. I am free of limitations. I am Holy. I’m Divine. With endless energy and talent I manifest my dreams. All my cells are in alignment. I’m as God created me. I Am. I Am. I Am.

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