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Youth Empowerment Resources: Thriving As a Teen and Young Adult, Book One PDF Download

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This is apersonal resource for you, filled with what may at first glance seem like fantasy, like make believe, like yeah, sure…but I know you will recognize pieces of it, feel the ever so slight memory of so long ago stir in a forgotten place within you. With your interest piqued, you will turn in the direction of opening more doors. These doorswill reveal to you more about you, your design, your capacities, your inherent skills and talents…and, oh, so much more.
There are three categories:Cutting Edge Information to Consider, Tools for Conscious Living, and Strategies for Your Moments of Living.Look at them in any order you choose. You will be drawn to topics or even one of the categories. Read it. Ponder it. Play with it. Put it into action. Adjust it. Live in it. Soon you will likely build a base that can significantly shift how life shows up for you. Really…

Cutting Edge Information will expose you to the latest perspectives on how things might be/or are. They open and inspire and redirect and confront. There is evidence that what we have been taught for generations is not necessarily in our best interest. So be it. You have arrived at a time when there are growing options. Let’s explore them.

Tools for Conscious Living are just that, things you can use to live in a smoother way, more connected, thriving. They require choice and effort and action to serve you. See what they can do for you. They serve the expanded you.

Strategies for Your Moments addresses typical teen issues and challenges.Here are alternatives ways to embrace those moments and find higher frequency responses that elevate and nurture life. They can simply become other ways to deal with what comes up. Or they can start to reveal a new empowered way of life. This whole resource is like that…happy trails, my friend! Access the three categories below…

Available now as a shipped Print Book of over 200 pages. Book One contains the categoriesCutting Edge InformationandTools for Conscious Living. Strategies for Your Momentswill be available in the Spring of 2021. A downloadable PDF E-Book version of Book One will be available by mid-March.

Visit the online page at for more information and samples of Book One, as well as announcements for the future E-Book version and Book Two, printed and E-Book.

This is a cutting edge one-of-a-kind resource available for those at a pivotal age of transformation and expansion. These resources deliver new ways to look at life and its moments, providing welcome choices to live more consciously and in the balance and flow. Follow this link to explore it more.
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