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Youth Empowerment Resources: Music Sequences for Youth Programs One

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Music is a powerful vehicle that crosses all kinds of lines of separation. It can be the catalyst for discussion, connection, expanded experience, celebration, reflection, releasing, empowerment. I have created a set of four musical sequences that would support a half hour Sunday spiritual program for youth programs (of all ages). They are theme based and consist of a gathering song, a focusing song, a quiet song, a community song, and a closing song. Use these when you want something different…this is the first of three such compilations for group use..

Gathering Song Sunshine
Focusing Song Carry That Load
Quiet Song I Am at Ease
Community Song So Connected
Closing Song Prayer for Protection
Gathering Song Simple Living
Focusing Song I Am Love
Quiet Song Be Here Now
Community Song God in Every Face
Closing Song Zeal
Focusing Song I Feel the Fear
Community Song You Are Love
Closing Song Power
Gathering Song As If
Quiet Song In the Silence
Community Song Mask
Closing Song Power of a Friend
All songs previously released.
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A1 Sunshine

A2 Carry That Load

A3 I Am At Ease

A4 So Connected

A5 Prayer For Protection

B1 Simple Living

B2 I Am Love

B3 Be Here Now

B4 God In Every Face

B5 Zeal

C1 IDoWhatGivesMeLifeSample

C2 I Feel The Fear

C3 Thank You For Loving Me

C4 You Are Love

C5 Power

D1 As If

D2 I'm As Good As Anyone

D3 In The Silence