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Intentional Songs Volume Two Songbook

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When I joined Unity Churches in 1989, becoming Music Director in 1991, I began writing songs on a self-empowerment, spiritual slant. As the director I was also responsible for the congregational songs at the beginning and interspersed throughout the Sunday Service. As each Sunday had a theme, I usually spent the night before when I returned from working in clubs writing the song(s) for that mornings' focus. As I had a 30 mile drive from Cambria to San Luis Obispo I often had short little songs pop into my head that supported the morning theme. When I got to the church I would put them to music and we would sing them together.

When I started sharing music in conference and rally settings with the youth, adults, and ministers, I began to see how easily these affirmative songs could be taught and sung and enjoyed. I started calling them Intentional Songs. When I studied Sound Healing I became aware of the use and power of Chants and Mantras. Seems I had stumbled upon a long standing/utilized sound tool and given it an energetic update .These have become a significant part of my musical repertoire.

These songbooks are a collection of some of them. Another set of songbooks are in the making. They consist of the lyric with chords and a melody line, everything the musician would need to use them effectively. Additionally, I have linked each song to a sample on my website to hear how I would play it. The songbooks, Volume 1 and 2, are the best way to get over a hundred Intentional Songs that cover almost every topic that would arise during a Sunday Morning Service.

Additionally, these are not just Sunday morning spiritual songs. The use of any "trigger words" is limited so they can be used for workshops, campfires, presentation, etc.Enjoy the expanse of simple, singable, positive, and empowering songs contained in this and the companion volume.

Here is a list of the songs contained in Volume Two

Song 1: It’s You, Lord
Song 2: I’ve Got a Dream
Song 3: Let Me Be
Song 4: Life Is Good
Song 5: Love Is What I Am
Song 6: Love or Fear
Song 7: Lover of Life
Song 8: Mask
Song 9: My Heart Is Home
Song 10:My Wish for You
Song 11:Natural Plan
Song 12:No Matter What
Song 13:Nothing Ever Goes Wrong
Song 14:Nothing Is Impossible
Song 15:O.E.T.A.
Song 16:One
Song 17:I Am Here for You
Song 18:Peace Will Fill the World
Song 19:Planting the Seed
Song 20:Power 1
Song 21:Power 2
Song 22:Precious Jesus Boy
Song 23:Preparing the Soil
Song 24:Receive
Song 25:Return to Love
Song 26:Roots

Song 27:Safe
Song 28:So Connected
Song 29:Speak My Words
Song 30:Strength
Song 31:Surrender
Song 32:Take Good Care of Me
Song 33:Take Me as I Am
Song 34:Take the Good
Song 35:Thank You
Song 36:Thank You for Loving Me
Song:37:To the Elders
Song 38:Today
Song 39:Understanding
Song 40:Use Me
Song 41:We Are Family
Song 42:We Shall Cross
Song 43:We Were Born
Song 44/45:When the Balance Is True
Song 46:Wherever I Go, There I Am
Song 47:Will
Song 48:Wisdom
Song 49:Yes
Song 50:You Are Beautiful
Song 51:You Have the Power
Song 52:You’re Not Alone

Click here to viewa sample Lead Sheet page from the books.
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