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Youth Empowerment Resources: Music Sequences for Youth Programs Two

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Music is a powerful vehicle that crosses all kinds of lines of separation. It can be the catalyst for discussion, connection, expanded experience, celebration, reflection, releasing, empowerment. I have created a set of four musical sequences that would support a half hour Sunday spiritual program for youth programs (of all ages). They are theme based and consist of a gathering song, a focusing song, a quiet song, a community song, and a closing song. Use these when you want something differ vehicles…
The themes of this CD are: Heart Centered Love, Facing Challenge, Manifesting, and Guidance. This is the second of three such compilations for group use.
Please remember that unless noted, all songs were previously released on another CD.

Session One: Heart Centered Love
Gathering Song Heart Please Open
Focusing Song Here in the Heart
Quiet Song Heartbeat
Community Song Blessed Be
Closing Song Love Is My Work

Session Two: Facing Challenge
Gathering Song It’s You, Lord
Focusing Song The Well
Quiet Song Strength
Community Song Hi De Ho
Closing Song Roll the Stone Away
Session Three: Manifesting
Gathering Song OETA
Focusing Song Field of Dreams
Quiet SongTuning
Community Song Mighty Fertile Ground
Closing Song Intent
Session Four: Guidance
Gathering Song Angel
Focusing Song Opening Up
Community Song Help Me
Closing Song You’re Not Alone
All songs previously released.
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A1 Heart Please Open

A2 Here In The Heart

A3 Heartbeat

A4 Blessed Be

A5 Love Is My Work

B1 It's You Lord

B2 The Well

B3 Strength

B4 HiDeHo

B5 Roll The Stone Away


C2 Building My Field Of Dreams

C3 Tuning

C4 Mighty Fertile Ground

C5 Intent

D1 Angel

D2 Opening Up

D3 In The Still Small Voice

D4 Help Me

D5 You're Not Alone