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Youth Empowerment Resources: Appreciation Ceremony Complete MP3 Download

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I do a great deal of youth work in camps, churches, and special events. These heart centered programs are loving and powerful. Connections happen quickly when there is a framework of safety and encouragement to connect. Often at the end of the weekend of deep affirmation of self and community there is an appreciation ceremony. This is very powerful and beautiful and can often take up to an hour to complete. Typically, I will sing a set of songs that resonate with the experience. Often participants sing . It is a way to amplify the loving vibration and it gives an outlet for much of the emotion that arises when each is witnessed by his/her peers. These are many of the songs I sing throughout the hour.
Please remember that unless noted, all songs were previously released on another CD.
1. Listen Listen Listen
2. Heart Please Open*
3. Mask*
4. How Could Anyone Ever Tell You
5. So Connected*
6. As Long as We have Love*
7. Here in the Heart*
8. You Are Love*
9. Opening Up
10. Life Is Good*
11. Cradle Me*
12. Sanctuary*
13. Love Is the Only Power
14. You Are Beautiful*
15. Thank You for Loving Me*
*Mark’s original copyrighted songs.
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