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Youth Empowerment Resources: Hello World CD Complete MP3 Download

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As a classroom elementary school teacher through the late 70’s into the mid 90’s I often brought music into my classrooms, especially in the early afternoon post lunch. We sang folk songs and had a lot of fun. I taught at the school where I went as a little boy and, early on, recognized that I was doing some inner healing work even though I was a teacher. I was very much into working to augment children’s self esteem through sharing, discussion, activity, and music. When I left teaching I created a self esteem building assembly that me and my wife, Erin, took out to schools for over three years. These songs form a core of what was shared in the exciting, everybody participates program.
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1.It’s Magic
2.Do I Love Me?
3.I’m As Good As Anyone
4. Everybody Wins
5.Who Do I Believe?
8.Maybe, When I Grow Up
9.Power of a Friend
10. Between Two Worlds
11.Get High (Naturally)
12.Love Your Body
13.Hello World
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01 It's Magic

02 Do I Love Me

03 I'm As Good As Anyone

04 Everybody Wins

05 Who Do I Believe

06 Sharing

07 No

08 Maybe When I Grow Up

09 Power Of A Friend

10 Between Two Worlds

11 Get High Naturally

12 Love Your Body

13 Hello World