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Be Love See Love Complete Lead Sheets Songbook Download PDF

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Price: $10.95
Status: Available

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I get a lot of requests for the songbooks to my CDs. I stumbled across a wonderful iPad app called, Maestro, the perfect lead sheet creator. In an hour I have a song notated with melody, rhythm, chords, and lyrics. It provides everything you would need to play the songs on your guitar or even piano. The CD, Be Love, See Love, my newest in the Youth Empowerment Series, is the initial application creation for my new app. You can pick up the lead sheets for all 12 songs in the album. The individual song sheets will be available soon. For now the complete songbook, reasonably priced at $10.95, is the best way to get playin' the tunes.

The Songbook is only available as a download in PDF form. Click on the link at the bottom of your receipt email to download the file.

Songs include:

Be Love, See Love
A Sacred Soul
The Invitation

We Are All Travelers
Fearless in the Fog
Everywhere I Go
The Five Step Shuffle
Stop Fakin’, Reawaken
I Wanna Be Me
Time to Deepen
Me and God
All Is Well

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