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Sound Alchemy Resources: Riding the Sound Current CD

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As I began to move my experience of creating music into an exploration of what made songs healing and impactful, I found myself entering and ancient practice of sound alchemy, healing with sound. To heal is to witness as whole. We carry oscillating frequencies of wholeness, a sonic fingerprint that gives us the place of perfect alignment and balance. Life, however, serves to bring situations that challenge that balance. Sound is a reliable tool that will serve to bring your energetic self back into the place you belong by design. This is an introduction to sound work. It has information and exercise. There are sonic tools, chants, mantras, phonetic and vowel play…all kinds of things we probably played with when we were very young in our exploration of our what our voice could do. There is a chakra tone balancing exercise that is quite useful and powerful. Learn it and use it daily to keep purring along.

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1. Introduction
2. Breathwork and Toning
3. Chakra Tune Up
4. Vowel Exploration
5. Healing Sounds
6. Mantras
7. Names of Allah
8. Chants
9. Aramaic Lord’s Prayer
10. Closing
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