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Sound Alchemy resources: What I Currently Know CD

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Universal principle states that thoughts are things. They project our inner world into manifestation in the outer. Cosmic Law makes manifest that which we focus upon. If your thinking is limited and lower frequency, then it is likely that your experiences and forms of your life are less than you desire and deserve. Changing thoughts and beliefs can have a significant impact on the quality of your life. Essentially, reprogramming of the sub-conscious mind, where most of our beliefs are held as an operating system, will result in changes that improve your experiences. In 2004 I recorded, with the help of my friend, Lynn, and my daughter, Gabriela, over 100 statements of higher frequency truth. They are spoken to you in the male, female, and child voice. Then they are spoken so you can repeat them with your own voice. Finally there is an instrumental track over which you can speak the life affirming statements at your own pace. A powerful process that will bring big changes to you on the inner and the outer.
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