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Sound Alchemy Resources: The Healing Voice Series Volume 2 MP3 Download: Spoken Gratitudes

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  • The Healing Voice Series in the Sound Alchemy genre presents powerful energetic and intentional applications of the human voice. The spoken word commands the Cosmos to magnetize the energies into the form that aligns with your intention. The more you consciously apply this knowledge the more potent your manifestation capacity becomes. This Spoken Gratitude CD presents over 100 gratitude statements over a bed of music and environmental sounds to speak and intend. Use it to elevate your vibration and ease the flow of your moments.

Aah...the wisdom of the design. This remarkable mechanism, the voice, capable of generating sound, dispensing information, expressing emotion, healing self and others, entertaining, connecting with the Source...on and on.
The voice is as unique as the vibration that we each are. The characteristics of it are determined by multiple factors: sex, shape of the three resonance chambers (chest, throat/mouth, and cranium), emotional experiences and the subsequent energies released or held, intention, self care, perception of the moment...and, given all this, we can consciously choose to mimic another or create a brand new sounding voice.
The voice is our vehicle of our presence and power in the world. It is our tool of manifestation that marshals the forces of the Multiverse to gather to create that which we have spoken. Through conscious use we can create our world experience and form. We can connect with dimensions of spirit via chant and mantra and intentional song. We can transform the moments of living into a sound that clears the vibrational residue of the event.
It is such a powerful tool that others can attempt to control us by subjugating our voice. Silencing us is to control us. Singing is outlawed by rulers intent on control. Our free speech is curtailed when they want to dampen our spirit.
The Designer has given us all we need to flow through life. The voice must be used. We must speak our words, sing our song, make our sound. To consciously use the voice to expand our experience is a wise and powerful choice. Never let it be silenced...but run it always through the heart to fill its message with love. This is the gift that will keep giving. Use it...

Choosing a state of gratitude and living in that thankful spirit is a profound and powerful choice. Your gratitude activates the law of manifestation and attracts to you more to be grateful for. In alignment with life your moments flow more fluidly to bring you that which you deserve and desire. On this CD you have over 100 different statements of gratitude. They must be spoken many times to activate the forces and instill within you that attitude of gratitude that lovingly interfaces you with life.Also, choose to listen to them over and over and you will soon start to see the expressions of them showing up in the forms of your moments.
Half of the statements are included with the CD. The online link to the others can be found in the jacket.

Spoken Gratitudes 1

1. “I give endless gratitude for my breath and my ability to breathe to charge my life force and sustain my life. I bless the pranic energy in the precious air that each inhalation lovingly brings me to balance me in the Now. I accept this gift and celebrate it with joyful awareness!”

2. “I give endless gratitude for the sound and power of my voice. I am grateful for the ability, the courage, and the willingness to clearly express my needs, ideas, emotions, and beliefs!”

3. “I am grateful for my willingness to generously give to myself and to others. With generosity I choose to share my time, talents, and treasure!”

4. “I am deeply grateful for the awesome frequency of Love as it sustains the fabric of the multiverse. I give thanks for my willingness to give and receive love with no expectations to myself and all others.”

5-50 continued on CD

Spoken Gratitudes 2

1. ”I give great thanks for all existing and potential friends and communities in my life. For all those who choose to receive my love and attention I am deeply grateful. For those who honor and bless me with their time, words, and love I express unending gratitude. For the loving and tender friendship I give to myself in all my moments….I am blessed. And so it is!”

2. ”I give great thanks for the sweet and precious and knowing part of me that holds the Divine Blueprint of That I AM. I express endless appreciation by paying attention to and witnessing the beauty of children everywhere. I am grateful for the playful life that awaits my attention and nurturing of my child self. And so it is!”

3. ”I give great thanks for all of the elements of my life thus far. I ask for clarity and the willingness to step away from the way it has been into the infinite expression of possibility. Thank you for the adventure. And so it is!”

4. ”I give great thanks for the my willingness to be my authentic self in all my moments. I acknowledge, celebrate, reclaim, and integrate the design of the I AM As Me that has patiently awaited this time of opening my eyes, heart, and mind. I am grateful for who I Am and will devote myself to being so. And so it is!”

5-51 continued on CD

How to Use These Statements
1. Listen to all of the gratitudes a lot. Repetition is one of the key elements to shift thought patterns, beliefs, and the subconscious reservoir of established belief patterns and resistance.
2. To amplify the process speak all gratitudes out loud while Mark is speaking them as well.
3. Make a copy of this page and take time daily to speak these gratitudes with commitment and confidence out loud in your own voice.
4. All of these techniques serve to replace lower vibrational thinking. You are creating new neural pathways that will amplify to be the new beliefs that attract the situations, people, and events that will align to make manifest the beliefs in the outer field.
5. If you want to explore creating your own personalized power statements and then mutually creating a purpose CD with Mark then click the Vibrational Attunement link below.

6. If you are interested in reawakening your own voice to find your expression power then click on the link below to Reclaiming the Natural Voice.

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