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Complete Chakra Clearing Sacral Chakra Statements Download

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These statements are designed to clear and amplify the Sacral Chakra. Use them to assist in the clearing of the old doctrine of limitation. The more you use them the more they impact the the deep self, implanting into the subconscious mind. Daily use at least once is highly recommended.


1. On all levels and in all dimensions, I now completely release all fear vibrations and frequencies and residue. I choose calmness, clarity, awareness and power to surround myself always in a loving cocoon of safety.

2. In all my moments and in all dimensions I am safe, secure, wise, courageous, resourceful, whole, creative and capable.

3. In my wholeness, I allow my wildness, passion, and exuberance to spontaneously attract people and situations to me to deeply experience full-throttled living. I dance, sing and celebrate my moments with flowing creativity and unbridled delight.

4. I easily let go of that which no longer serves me.

5. In this moment I release, on all levels, in all my energy bodies, and in all dimensions the energetic memory and toxic residue of any experience that has impacted me and diminished my vibration of Wholeness.

6. In all my moments, I access, allow, and celebrate my infinite wellspring of creativity. As an inspired being, I easily form solution to all my opportunities.

7. I love life and choose to allow the conscious flow of emotion, enriching my moments to reveal the juiciness of this magnificent incarnation.

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