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Sound Alchemy resources: Song Written and Recorded for You

Part Number: PersonalOriginalSong
Price: $250.00
Status: Available

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“I have had the distinct privilege of creating one of a kind songs for people who had specific challenges, needs, or situations. Some were created for specific healing intentions. Others were celebrating or marking a life event like a wedding, funeral, or the birth of a child. Still others were written to tell a story of one’s life. It was an honor to be able to tune into the supportive vibration and follow the guidance of the unseen world to create the song that fed the ones who called.”
—Mark Stanton Welch
A personal song is just that…personal. Music in song can have a profound vibrational impact on the listener. When the song is about you, using your name, telling your story…it is remarkable. It can feed and nourish, empower and inspire, heal and cleanse, celebrate and acknowledge. It is a unique expression to honor yourself or another.
The Process:
1. Contact Mark with intention via email link below
2. Set up a one hour phone interview to discuss the intention and type of song
3. Decide on key elements: key of song, type of song, tempo of song, etc
4. Mark creates the song and records a simple version of it, typically with voice and guitar or piano (the simple arrangement allows the song to have greater impact. Of course, Mark can flesh out the song with instrumentation and additional voices and harmony. But that is optional.)
5. The song is shipped as a downloadable MP3 or as a wav file in Audio CD format, or both (your decision)
6. Allow 2-4 weeks for the whole process to reach completion. Dependent on Mark’s travel schedule

The price of $250 is for the creation, recording, and delivery of the basic song with simple instrumentation and voice. If you want a song to be expanded upon with additional instruments and rhythm and voices there will be an additional charge of $20 per hour. This is set up by arrangement which includes discussion with me of your personal vision (after the song is written)
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