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Mark Stanton Welch Complimentary Music Sampler Download

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Experience the wide variety of styles and themes contained in the creations of Mark Stanton Welch. Download 10 full length MP3 songs for free. You will be asked for some personal information that includes first and last name, an email address, the state, and the country in which you live for . Songs have been gathered from 10 different CDs that are available in the store. Enjoy the variety and get to know the power of Mark's music. Know that every song you listen to has been fused with a higher frequency energetic intent and is aligned in key, melody, structure, rhythm, and lyric to serve your true vibration and reawaken the deep inner expanse of you. Please feel free to share this music with your friends. Invite them to visit to begin creating their own personalized music collection aligned to their current energetic needs and callings.

Here is a list of the songs along with the CD they are picked from. Clicking the CD title will take you to that CD for more listening and to make a purchase of that CD or other songs if desired. Clicking the song title will take you to a page with more information about the song, including lyrics, a 30 second sampling, and a bit of the story behind the son's creation. DO NOT PURCHASE THE SEPARATE SONG.

Click the title of the song below to download the single MP3 file to then save on your device for play.

Enjoy the adventure of discovering intentional music created for your energetic well being.

No Matter What
Om Gum Ganapatayea Namaha
Take Good Care of Me
Simple Living
When I Am Gone
Where is Santa Claus?

Holy Cafe
Wake Up
The New Vibration
The I That Is Me
Simple Living
Jesus, The Christ
Deep December
There's Plenty for All
Twelve Powers

Copy and paste this link in your browser to download the entire zip file of all ten MP3 songs. Then unzip using Winzip or WinRar to save them in a folder location of your choice. Stanton Welch Music
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01 No Matter What

02 Yearning

03 Om Gum Ganapatayea Namaha

04 Wendeyaho

05 Take Good Care Of Me

06 Simple Living

07 When I Am Gone

08 Where Is Santa Claus

09 Intent

10 Zeal