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In my 15 plus years as music director at Unity of San Luis Obispo, CA I had yearly opportunities to create music for the beautiful and powerful holiday services and programs. Over time I took it upon myself to make these songs more personal and accessible calling upon what the season meant energetically, reflectively, and inspirationally. On Christmas Eve I would unveil a new song that was very like a personal state of the union message…what I learned in the past year, what my intentions were…always tying it to the Christ story, often in a very loose way. These songs were very well received and became the backbone of concerts I would do in late November and December. This CD has many of those creations. They are a in a wide variety of styles and sentiments. Listen and enjoy and expanded, yet personal, view of the Christmas Season as it evolved through my personal window through my time at Unity.
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1.A Child’s First Christmas
2.All on This Christmas Night
3.Ballad of the Christmas Tree
4.Where Is Santa Claus?
5.Nothing On Earth
6.I Love (with all my might)
7.1000 Santas
8.Rappin’ Rudolph
9.Deep December
10.Where Is Your Love?
11.Ballad of the Little Straw
12.Here (Christmas Eve 1994)
13. Merry Christmas This Year
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01 A Child's First Christmas

02 All On This Christmas Night

03 Ballad Of The Christmas Tree

04 Where Is Santa Claus

05 Nothing On Earth

06 Love With All My Might

07 Thousand Santas

08 Rappin Rudolph

09 Deep December

10 Where Is Your Love

11 Ballad Of The Little Straw

12 Here

13 Merry Christmas This Year