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Songs for Young Children Songbook and CD Set

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This songbook consists of 67 short, repetitive, singable, positive songs I wrote to support Young Children typically in a spiritual program, but not necessarily limited to that arena. Some of the songs are original. Some are public domain in spiritual circles. Others are familiar tunes with conscious, positive lyrics. The lyrics and chords are accompanied by a companion CD that plays each song two times through. As a reference tool for Your Children Programs it is the perfect musician's resource.

This goes hand in hand with the songbook, Songs for Adult and Teen Group Singing. Having both will give you over 130 songs to use with children of all ages in a variety of circumstances.

This songbook/reference CD resource is only currently available as a shipped set.

Here is a list of the songs contained in the Young Child Songbook:

1. Thank You, God

2. All People

3. God, Always Here

4. Goodbye

5. In the Now

6. What I Am

7. Meditate

8. I Let Go

9. I Love to Live

10. Kindness

11. Alone

12. The Way I Am

13. Safe

14. Mother Earth

15. Christ Light

16. 12 Powers

17. Manifest

18. I Love You

19. No Matter What

20. Service

21. Thank You, Jesus

22. Peace Like a River

23. Love Is the Only Power

24. This Little Light

25. God’s Love Is Deep Within Me

26. Magic Penny

27. Alive, Alert, Awake

28. Every Little Cell

29. Walking in the Light

30. Down in My Heart

31. If You’re Happy and You Know It

32. Precious Jesus Boy

33. Life Is Good

34. Cradle Me

35. I Am That I Am

36. We Are Family

37. You Are Love

38. Hi De Ho

39. Blessed Be

40. Here In the Heart of God

41. I Am the Perfect Work

42. As Long As We Have Love

43. You Are Beautiful

44. Prayer for Protection

45. We’re Doin’ It Together

46. God In Every Face

47. Take Me As I Am

48. Love Will Find a Way

49. Universe Provides

50. Life Will Be OK

51. I Have No Limits

52. Sweet Friend

53. Hug

54. God Is Great

55. Respect

56. Patience

57. Power

58. Prayer

59. Yes/No/I Don’t Know

60. Asking

61. Feelings

62. A Friend to You

63. I’m Gonna Tell

64. I Like My Body

65. It’s OK To Make Mistakes

66. Oh, It’s Me

67. Balance

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