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Youth Empowerment Resources: Songs for Adult and Teen Group Singing Songbook and CD

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This songbook consists of 87 short, repetitive, singable, positive songs I wrote to support older teens and adults typically in a spiritual program, but not necessarily limited to that arena. All songs are original creations penned during my 16 years as Musical Director at Unity Church of San Luis Obispo, California. The lyrics and chords are accompanied by a companion CD that plays each song two times through. As a reference tool for your teen and adult programs it is the perfect musician's resource.

This goes hand in hand with the songbook,Songs for Young Children. Having both will give you over 130 songs to use with children of all ages in a variety of circumstances.

This songbook/reference CD resource is only currently available as a shipped set.

Here is a list of the songs contained in theTeen and Adult Group Singing Songbook:

1. Simple Living

2. As Long As We Have Love

3. Blessed Be

4. I Let Go

5. Let God

6. In the Silence

7. Father/Mother of the Living

8. Here in the Heart

9. I Feel God’s Power

10. Life Is Good

11. I Rise Up

12. Roll the Stone Away

13. I Am the Perfect Work of God

14. Heart, Please Open

15. Cradle Me

16. Peace Will Fill the World

17. Yes

18. If

19. Use Me

20. We Shall Cross

21. You Are Beautiful

22. Return to Love

23. One Family

24. It’s You, Lord

25. Forgiveness

26. Prayer for Protection

27. Alone We Stand

28. Jesus, Jesus

29. Doin’ It Together

30. I Dare to Be Different

31. Let Me Be

32. Love Is My Work

33. Grace

34. Your Loving Eyes

35. I Am the Light of the World

36. Chicka Chicka Toom

37. One Another

38. I Love Y.O.U.

39. Precious Jesus Boy

40. The Well

41. I Am a Spiritual Being

42. We Are Y.O.U.

43. Today

44. God Is My Source

45. Together in Love

46. Holy Groove

47. According to My Faith

48. Do Do Do Do Do

49. God Is

50. I Do What Gives Me Life

51. My Oh My

52. In the Still, Small Voice

53. You Have the Power

54. Take the Good

55. I Am a Christ Light

56. Testimony

57. A Call for Love

58. To Be Holy

59. Give

60. Nothing Goes Wrong

61. If It Doesn’t Bring Peace

62. Nothing Is Impossible

63. How May I Serve?

64. My Wish for You

65. I Am That I Am

66. Be Still

67. I Feel the Fear

68. For the Good of All

69. Truth

70. We Are Family

71. Together

72. Everywhere

73. God in Every Face

74. I Am in Your Family

75. There Is Nothing

76. Y.O.U.

77. Power

78. Hi De Hi De Hi De Ho

79. Look

80. Express Your Truth

81. No Matter What

82. Love or Fear

83. Thank You

84. So Right

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