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I Am at Ease Complete CD MP3 Download THEME: MEDITATION

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Be still…and know that you are God. Going within is the pathway that leads to the golden inner kingdoms that reveal the expanded Cosmos in soft moments of Now. To rest and reflect is the balance for the hectic pace of life. Music has long been a gentle tool to remind the cells to let go, to redirect the mind into the silence, and to sooth the spirit into revealing your own I Am Self to you. Songs that are slow paced, that flow along in gentle melodies that massage your being, that feed you words of deep remembering and firm direction, are the perfect medicine for this world. Listen, reflect, remember, sing, let go…one song after another laying you down to recharge and reclaim your divine power. Take the time to listen to the inner calling. Get there on the magic carpet of I Am At Ease.
Please remember that unless noted, all songs were previously released on other CDs.

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Find out below how this recording can positively impact your vibration, health, and spirit
To meditate is to go within to find a still place free of distraction, free of chatter, free of the mundane. Free flowing music at less than 60 BPMs has been a traditional source of infusing the meditative state. The ultimate goal is to reduce brainwave activity to open up the deep receptivity that then hears the guidance, the message, the support. Typically the music is instrumental that contains drones, long phrases, synthesizer washes, choral pads, flutes, etc. Vocals have long been considered distracting.

Chant and mantra have been exceptions because most often for Westerners these are in another language. When this occurs, it is just sound phonemes which interact with the chakras and the greater energetic system. They are said to assist in distracting the monkey mind as they provide a touchstone that repeats. This repetition is the tool that causes the conscious mind to vacate, and thus give opening to the subconscious.

Enter what I call intentional songs: basically empowering, affirmative statements sung at a reduced pace in a repetitive fashion. The repetition, and pace, and melody serve to open the subconscious portal where the message of the song takes seed. Essentially these songs in English reprogram the limited thinking and beliefs. They are quite good at it.

Each one of these creations has a message. It has an intentional directive. It has a key aligned with the message and the primary chakra for which it is penned. These songs build a unique vibration that skirts around defenses and protected patterns. Essentially, they can create a brand new neural pathway to reduce stress, and program the message deep enough to become a tool of new belief.

There are two chants that serve to clear out debris and set a protective field. Use them for this. Then allow each song to be experienced. See where it impacts you. Feel it on many levels. Integrate the vibration before you choose to sing along with it. When you sing it, you are pulling the vibration up and out, infusing the luminous body that contains all of the energetic bodies. To sing the song is to provide the outlet to unify the physical and the spirit download. Make a way to experience each song. Sure, you will have favorites. It may be the feel that massages the cells. It may be the key that activates the chakra. It may be the lyric that realigns the mind by replacing worn belief. It may be the combination that allows the surrender into the unified field free of any resistance.

These songs connect you with the expanded plane, and become the openings that rhythmically allow you to receive, free of any encumbrance. Allow them to serve. Let them serve your desire for a neutral space, where you simultaneously recharge, release, and realign. For those you particularly connect with, place the player on loop and experience that for up to 20 minutes or more. You will slip into a special place that is contained within the deeper song structure, a place that appears when you create the opening...and in a language and vibration that is lovingly and uniquely for you.

1.I Am at Ease
2.In the Still Small Voice
3.Here in the Heart
4.In the Silence
6.Life Is But a Dream
7.The One You Seek
8.Blessed Be
9.Hung Vajra Peh (Tibetan Mantra)
10.Crown of Permission
11.Here and Now
13.Cradle Me
14.Om Ashweena Tejasa Chakshuhu

My music has all been thoughtfully created to serve intentional vibrational frequencies. As all is vibration, it follows that specific vibrations can serve specific purposes. The body is made up of atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs, and systems all vibrating at certain frequencies that create form, function, and degree of alignment. When energy flow is restricted by the moments of living then vibrational frequencies change, usually diminishing. The restrictions create blockages which can create conditions that demand conscious attention for the purpose of clearing to return to the state of balance.
I write with vibrational intention to create results by resonating with the cells to stimulate them to realign. By choosing song keys that focus on the chakras, I am sending like frequencies to a place that holds the energetic remnants of the blockages. By further aligning rhythm, melody, harmony, and lyric, I provide a powerful medicine to invite and escort the body’s return to wholeness.
Each song is a specific tool that will address an energetic frequency. In a sense, it is an energetic musical prescription created to heal. By gathering like intentioned songs into a collection it creates a powerful resource to assist you in reawakening and changing the forms of your life.
The Musical Prescription Sets are a complete immersion in the theme behind it. Listening to the songs regularly is powerful medicine. Singing along with them is the completion of a circle of intentional healing that will eventually replace systemic thoughts and behavioral patterns that contributed to the condition. Reclaiming health, balance, and center is a conscious choice that requires action. This music is the perfect companion for your reclamation project that will bring you home to You.
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01 I Am At Ease

02 In The Still Small Voice

03 Here In The Heart

04 In The Silence

05 Contemplation

06 Life Is But A Dream

07 The One You Seek

08 Blessed Be

09 Hung Vajra Peh

10 Crown Of Permission

11 Here And Now

11 Om Ashweena Tejasha

12 Tuning

13 Cradle Me