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Alive I Am MP3 Song: One

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Nothing like a two part round to bring a large group together. At this Adults of Unity Conference in 2000, we needed a unifying song mid week to mesh the collective together. Nothing like a song about Oneness. By then the experiential interactions had softened our individual isolation walls enough to let the idea of unification in. This song is softly strong in the root key of C and has a melody that walks in spurts followed by solid integration steps...duh duh duh duh step step. It is a formula to stir the pot and clean the trash before settling in to the Truth. Yes, be One and realize that your individual self becomes the oh, so much more. Nothing lost, but, plenty gained. Thriving together as One was the promise on the horizon when we crossed that 2000 threshold. 


Part One
You and I are One
With the whole of life
All are in a union
With the Holy Light
Every single thought
Every word and form
In the heart of God
Eternally borne
Part Two
You and I are
One with all things
Union, union
Heart of God
       ©2000. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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