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Ask Your Guides MP3 Song: I Went Out Under Heaven

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I went out under heaven  To seek the great I AM
I heard the Heaven’s speak  to seek with all my heart
“Give your Self to me, Child
You must give Me every thought  each breath each moment
Love me like you’ve never loved before
And I’ll reveal all that  your soul is thirsting for”
To what do you give time?
What lures you to devote your moments brings you pleasure
Fills your cupboards and your well?
“And if you would be free, child  Would you fill your life
with little here and there
Or would you grasp the answer to it all
Would you surrender  let Me catch you as you fall?”
                         In every element  each atom of existence
                         There lie answers  to the secrets never told
                         Supposed you placed devotion
                         Left each ounce of your resistance
                         Believing in each part  there lies the Whole
                         Then you would see the interweavings
                         And the dance of all creation
                         You would hear the melody of peace and love
                         You would be purified in waters
                         of the endless Holy Rivers
                         As they kiss you and
                         caress your tender soul

“Give your all to me Fall in love with every speck of dust it sings
And longs to wrap around your heart
Hear the gentle voice, child, Fall in love with Life
give freely all your being
And so it shall be given back to you
For in the living lies  the Essence and the Truth
             CHORUS...I went out under heaven...I found Love…

   © 2004. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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