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Ask Your Guides MP3 Song: Pure Love

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For awhile at the end of the 80's, I lived in a beautiful home high above the Los Osos Valley near San Luis Obispo, California. There was a concave area halfway up the Coast range behind the house, that gave a panoramic view of the whole valley. In 1989, I built a medicine wheel on it and held ceremony often for friends and strangers fact, it was at one such event when I met Erin, my soon to be wife. As often as I could, I would go up there and walk the wheel, then sit looking out over that scene. Many times I would be privileged to experience the Red Tail Hawks as they floated up to eye level riding the heat thermals from the valley below. They would hover motionless in the winds and then with an oh so subtle move, initiate a dive down to an unsuspecting morsel. Incredible...

If you head up the hill you can catch a road through the Coastal Oak Woodland that was as serene as could be. It opened up to a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean coastline. I loved this place and reveled in the displays of magnificent Nature in her glorious splendor. 

So, when I started writing these Earth songs, I knew I had to include this place and its varied display of the Earth. Pure Love, the song, was penned up in the middle of the medicine wheel. It was special. I knew it when it started playing the guitar almost before I picked it up. In the key of D, that Sacral Chakra frequency that holds the wounds and the passion and the creativity, I let this song build itself...yes, the verses echo my experience...and yes, it all comes down to how much love will we allow, for the Earth, of course...but for ourselves as well. Fill that well up and then you see the world with eyes connected to the heart. Let this song get you out into Nature to rediscover a deeper, truer part of you. 

(previously released on the CD,  Pure Love)
I sit out under blue sky Cradled in the valley
As the green grass tickles me  My heart does glow
I feel the pulse and the rhythm Of the living evolution
The Earth Mother kiss me Pure Love
I see the sun shine down Bring life to all the children
As the pretty deer pause In their afternoon stroll
I hear the call from the red tail Lift my eyes to Heaven
And the Earth Mother kiss me Pure Love
    Fill me up with timeless beauty
    Bring the Holy Essence to me Now
    never let me turn away
    Just keep my focus on  The ways of Love
    To Earth I give my hand Everything I Am
    The pledge from in my soul I will help to keep you whole
    All the days of my life
I see the soil so graciously Let me trod upon her
And she cushion my body Every time I fall down
I take the wheat grass sprout Purify my physical
The Earth Mother kiss me
Pure Love

I watch the rain cloud dance
Pulling on the west wind
As the day walks down  quiet country road
I hear the voice of Eternity Thunder in the canyons
And the Earth Mother kiss me Pure Love
 © 1994. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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