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Ask Your Guides MP3 Song: Tuning

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A musical instrument must be tuned to itself. If you play with others you tune into the common pitch that allows harmonization. Our human life is there to tune us. For so long, however, we have believed in a long journey of tuning up, sometimes never reaching that place of balance. Inner awareness and journeying to monitor and maintain one's own energetic system, to reconnect with the Inner Child to walk hand in hand in that sweeping safety, to befriend the Higher Self to open up Universal communication on many levels...this is what you are called to do in these new times. Activate the inner consciously and find that you harmonize easily with the outer. Get silent, tune in, and listen...for the sound of I Am As You. Use this song as a focal point to blend the head and the heart.
(previously released on the cd, Building my Field of Dreams)
Into the silence I tune to the sound
Divine Inspiration  Comes dancing around
A sweet, swirling peace Softens my heart
And I’m simply carried away
    To the Magical Mind And the Heavenly Heart
    Where I’m given the means From Whence I do start
    To move into action To chart the best course
    The silence gives birth   To the dream

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