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In the incessant paradigm of push pull, people suffer from the past and fear the imagined future, bypassing the fertile ground of the moment. And they bypass the moment and miss the perfect opportunity to thrive. The call for living in the moment rises above the hopelessness and beckons us to pull inward and focus on the sensation of living fully in all its challenge and opportunity. Life reveals itself in the Now, showing you from whence you have come and where you are going. Recreate the next moment and seed the future by choosing to sing your way into claiming the magnificent infinity of the moment. Reprogram the program and ride the blessed wave of Here I Am, in song.

Please remember that unless noted, all songs were previously released on other CDs.

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Find out below how this recording can positively impact your vibration, health, and spirit
In the moment is such a mystery to far too many. For generations and lifetimes we have been seduced into living in the past or the future, suffering and dreading with just bits of intermittent sunshine. We have become used to thinking things will not work out. The moment just seems too painful to many. Well, that is one way of looking at things, at life.

For the cosmos, the moment is everything. It is the point of choice, of change, of new direction, of waking up. It is where the next moment is born, where we seed the future forms that will manifest by Divine Law. Please do not take it lightly.

In the esoteric frequencies of multi-dimensional living, the whole concept and presence of time is erroneous, in fact, non-existing. With time actually a spherical space around us, we have direct access to all it contains to be applied in the, you guessed it, the NOW. The past and future in this sense are simply an expression of the moment. Simultaneous lifetimes are not fantasy. We find ourselves expanded and experiencing on many levels.

The real point of this new view is to surrender the linear belief. There is no sequence, no hierarchies that must be adhered to. It all happens now. The sooner you realize that, then you can choose to think that learning takes time. If we are directed lovingly by own own Higher Self to experience the very things/people that will help us most quickly and efficiently remember who we truly are, then we can trust life. Anything that shows up is the grist for the mill of the moment. Call upon inner and outer resources to seed the moment to make manifest what you deserve and desire.

The past does not determine the present or the future unless we choose it to be so. We get invested in thinking there is no escaping the past because we haven't. The unexpressed energies of events past are pushing to release. Until it moves out, we are influenced, even imprisoned, by the words unspoken, the emotion stored and dishonored, the separation, yet claimed, the forgiveness ungranted.

These songs are tools to bring you back to the infinite now that seeds your life. They implant, through repetition and intentional melody, the new messages that free you from the limited thinking. Truthfully, at this level of vibration it does not matter, for the adventure is trusted when it shows and we willingly embark on the expanded awareness contained within it. Listen to the songs. Pay attention to what comes up. Honor it. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Take action in this breath and see how the illusions are shattered to reveal the magnificence of you.

1. Be Here Now
2. Dance in the Fire
3. Contemplation
4. Right Here, Right Now
5. Take Good Care of Me
6. Pay Attention
7. I Feel the Fear
8. Here and Now
9. As If
10. According to My Faith
11. The Well
12. I Do What Gives Me Life
13. Trust What I Feel
14. Alive
15. Zeal

My music has all been thoughtfully created to serve intentional vibrational frequencies. As all is vibration, it follows that specific vibrations can serve specific purposes. The body is made up of atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs, and systems all vibrating at certain frequencies that create form, function, and degree of alignment. When energy flow is restricted by the moments of living then vibrational frequencies change, usually diminishing. The restrictions create blockages which can create conditions that demand conscious attention for the purpose of clearing to return to the state of balance.
I write with vibrational intention to create results by resonating with the cells to stimulate them to realign. By choosing song keys that focus on the chakras, I am sending like frequencies to a place that holds the energetic remnants of the blockages. By further aligning rhythm, melody, harmony, and lyric, I provide a powerful medicine to invite and escort the body’s return to wholeness.
Each song is a specific tool that will address an energetic frequency. In a sense, it is an energetic musical prescription created to heal. By gathering like intentioned songs into a collection it creates a powerful resource to assist you in reawakening and changing the forms of your life.
The Musical Prescription Sets are a complete immersion in the theme behind it. Listening to the songs regularly is powerful medicine. Singing along with them is the completion of a circle of intentional healing that will eventually replace systemic thoughts and behavioral patterns that contributed to the condition. Reclaiming health, balance, and center is a conscious choice that requires action. This music is the perfect companion for your reclamation project that will bring you home to You.
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01 Be Here Now

02 Dance In The Fire

03 Contemplation

04 Right Here Right Now

05 Take Good Care Of Me

06 Pay Attention

07 I Feel The Fear

08 Here And Now

09 As If

10 Faith

11 The Well

12 Life

13 Trust What I Feel

14 Alive

15 Zeal