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Be Here Now makes me think of the definitive 60's book by Ram Das of the same name. It accompanied the shits in consciousness that blossomed in the sixties and beyond. The idea is ancient and much more than a fleeting expanded consciousness discussion. Be Here Now is the celebration of life lived in this moment, this breath, this thought. It is a leap to buy into the idea that I am here right now since humanity was more interested in fearing the future and dragging along the permutations of the past. My how time has changed. It comes down to this point, the place where life is lived, where the past is jettisoned, and the future is made manifest in response to what just occurred. There is nothing more than this I Am moment. Living in the past invites us to hold on to the familiarity of wounds clung to. Living in the future usually carries a plethora of what-if scenarios based again, on the woundings we carry, Easy to dread the past and the future simultaneously. Ram Das invited us into the Buddhist tenet of the Now. That is the fertile ground , the center point that leads us into the full experience of that I Am. 

So live now, willing and open to breathe in the boundless and free. It is always the choice worth taking...


Be here now
Right in this moment
This is where I am

Be here now 
Willing and open
Boundless and free I Am
 © June 13, 2000. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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01 Be Here Now