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Be Love See Love Song Download: A Sacred Soul

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This song is from a Multigenerational Summer Camp event in the Northwest Region of Unity. The camp was created by the regional Uniteen director, Chris Castaldi, in an attempt to give a camp experience to families or people of all ages. Complete with a ropes challenge course, group family meetings, a curriculum, crafts, and musical campfires it had a powerful impact on those who were blessed to experience it. This song was in support of the theme of that event. It is a very useful song for reactivating a deep inner knowing about our true design. Sing it a lot and come home

A Sacred Soul
Northwest Multi Generational Camp

I'm a sacred soul,
I'm a spiritual being
Living in a physical body
Yes, I Am
Yes, I Am
Yes, I Am
Yes, I Am
And I Am free I Am happy
Yes, I Am free, I Am Happy
I Am Free I Am Happy
I'm unlimited, I'm unlimited
Yes, I Am
Yes, I Am

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