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Be Love See Love Song Download: We Are All Travelers

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Another Northwest Region Uniteen Summer Camp theme creation. The theme, We are the Journey, fed this theme song that honors the powerful nature and impact of our moment by moment choices made. This is written in the rolling 6/8 feel that gives one the sense of movement and adventure. It is really fun to sing and is a primary song sung at the end of the evening campfire when the families walk out across the field into the darkness heading for their respective cabins. It is beautiful to hear them still singing in the distance when I stop. A companion it is, this music that feeds the cells and the soul.

We are here for an adventurous journey of reawakening and re-membering. Nothing is that and enter the next moment with heart and eyes open wide...

We All Are Travelers
Northwest Region Unity Uniteen Camp

We are all travelers
Moving through life
We choose our own roads
Guided by Inner Light
The steps we are taking
We must take alone
To reclaim the Truth
And to find our way Home
Home home
Find our way Home
c. 2013. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved

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