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Be Love See Love Song Download: All Is Well

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Just as I was recording these songs I was given the theme for the West Central YOU Spring May Rally in Sonora, California. Mike Genius, the current WC region director, told me the teens were addressing the classic New Age response that, no matter what is happening, that all is well. Actually a useful perspective, but most do not know what to do with the truth of that statement and have a tendency to beat themselves up a little with it, implying that if they were more advanced, more clear, then they would be comfortable with All Is Well.

The teens were wrestling with the notion and had made the decision to dig into it and work through it by making it the Rally theme. When I hung up the phone with Mike this song pushed its way into my awareness. In Dm it takes the residue of the moments of living held in the Sacral Chakra reservoir and washes it with the Heart energy to soften its hold and intend release and clearing and freedom.

The song came through like 70's rock anthem, filled with dynamic builds, a driving beat, group sing along, reflective section that leads to the uber-chorus. This song is very unlike me, a registered folky singer songwriter kind of guy...but it is very fun. Several of these types of songs have pushed through lately. They are met with a growing interest as the choreography makes manifest and the collective group energy feeds the vibration of the already driving beat. The other songs like this will show up when I record the companion CD, Many Are the Paths in the next several months.

For now, see where this takes you. I am intending to build the interest through the recording and then see what happens at the events.

All Is Well
West Central YOU May Rally
There are times when life is crazy
When everything is very hard
I hear you say that “It’s as it should be”
Then there are times when all is flowing
I wear a smile from ear to ear
Again you say that “It’s as it should be”
Now I say that “Nothing’s as it seems”
A bigger picture feeds all these scenes
My Higher Self she leads me on my way ay ay ay yeah yeah yeah yeah
The Light within brings perfect moments
To reveal the things I’m ready for
I celebrate the form that feeds my Now
I’ll make it through somehow
And though I don’t know how
The more that I allow
La la la….
c. 2018. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights reserved.
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