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Be Love See Love Song Download: Fearless in the Fog

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The West Central Region YOU chose the theme, Fearless in the Fog, in the Fall of 2015. It is an evocative theme and, in fact, gave birth to several songs...but only one made the cut, for now. In this fear based world it is essential to establish a greater understanding and faith that there is an expanded experience available constantly when one chooses it. To know that despite appearances, things are not as they seem...and there is a higher, more life affirming reality to everything that comes our way. As you might see, this requires a leap of faith to initiate the new belief and, in time, the new reality.

When this song was introduced it could not be sung enough. The fifty YOUers there were in such alignment with the frequency that I could feel the song bringing about new awareness and inner change in the collective hands of the group energy. All those voices affirming a truth brought in a palatable energy that we all felt, a cocoon of safety that enveloped us all for the weekend...and beyond.

This song, also in the Throat Chakra key of G, must be sung out loud to activate the new energy. It has integrated well into the two other regions I frequent, at all age levels...for it is the children who feel must profoundly the energy of the pervasive fear dumped upon humanity by cultural habit. Building strength, confidence, courage, and a willingness to take action is the real work of a song like this. It amplifies energy and builds the collective capacity to facilitate the change that must these profound waking up times.

Fearless In the Fog
West Central Y.O.U

I am fearless in the fog (2x)
I Am fearless in the fog of life
For I Am Light I Am and I shine
In this Light I always live
I receive Love it’s Love I give
Always moving in the flow
my Light reveals the way to go
In this moment here I Am
my golden song is “Yes, I can”
So, if it’s fog or if it’s clear
the Light I Am dispels the fear
Copyright 2015. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights reserved
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