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Be Love See Love Song Download: I Wanna Be Me

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This song burst its way into the consciousness of the Southwest Region Uniteens at the Fall Rally in the mountains behind Los Angeles in a Lion's Camp near Wrightwood, California in 2015, a year for great camp song creations. In the key of Dm it pushes against the Sacral Chakra woundings and petitions the Cosmos to assist in our personal reclamation of self. The minor key pulls it into the internal viscera and stirs the energetic pot of unspoken, unfelt moments of living that have held us back from our authentic expression of self.

It is a sung call to the Cosmos and all the support systems to assist in the critical gateway of getting in touch. Doing so will open mighty doors and deliver us to the full bodied experience of life on Earth in the physical spiritual being. We are so much more and this song is the activator to step back into the full design. As a wake up call to the resistance around us, it marshalls Celestial force to burst through the illusions and give us back our beautiful and powerful self.

It is meant to be sung...and on that weekend it was born, we sure used it alot, even giving movements to the words to punctuate its power and disintegrate resistance.

I Wanna Be Me
Southwest Y.O.U.

I wanna be me
I wanna be me
I wanna be me so much
That I’m getting in touch (2x)
With my heart and my mind and my golden soul
With the Light and Love so true
With the angels Earth and with you and you
My Highest Power too yes, I do
Copyright 2015. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights reserved
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