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Be Love, See Love Song Download: Me and God

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This song was actually created for an Good Friday service at Unity Church in San Luis Obispo, California. It was one of the last times I shared as Music Director. I needed something that was reflective and could lead into meditation. This 3/4 waltz is perfect for that. The melody leads you inward, and pulls you into your body towards the grounding of the waiting Earth.

I have used it in adult groups and have also begun introducing it to the youth groups this year...thus it is included in this selection of current songs in active motion.

Me and God
West Central Region Retreat

I turn off my mind
I let go what’s nagging me
I tune into my breathing
get out of my way
All of my worries are fading
It’s me and God,
just me and God
Right now, right now
c. 2013. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved.
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