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Be Love See Love Song Download: Stop Fakin', Reawaken

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The West Central Region is my home Unity Region. I started my work with the Youth of Unity in 1994 with my then wife, Erin Noble, and have been doing it ever since...along with, at one time or another, all seven regions of Unity around the US. YOU is the Youth of Unity, kids from 14-19. Though they are older I do find that the songs I use for the little kids, the Uniteens, are received just as well. In fact, since one progresses from Uniteens to YOU there is a comfort in hearing and old song again and experiencing it with the big boys.

The West Central Region YOU, then under long time consultant, Jerry Sharp, did not rotate themes. Each event had the officers coming up with a theme that would be funneled to me, often just before the event. This late notice actually serves my songwriting well as the energy for an event starts to gather in the days just before. I simply reach into that and pull out a song. And always, I take the song as it is given, music and lyric in a consistent act of Celestial Trust that has paid in dividends over and over in so many songs and ways.

This song is a call for authenticity. Knowing who you are and living fully in that knowing allows one to step and be a consistent expression of their own I AM That I Am Expressing As Me.It is a fun song written in the key of G, the Throat Chakra key, as it is about claiming the truth and expressing it outward as a magnetic frequency to the world.

Stop Fakin’, Reawaken
West Central Y.O.U.

Stop fakin’, reawaken
Remember who you are
You’re a Child of God
Come home
I’m creative and I’m curious
Imaginative too
Compassionate and carefree
this all is true
I’m unlimited unfettered
And I’m free to be
I’m playful and I’m loving
And I so love me
It’s true so true
For me and you (2x)
And you and you and you…
Copyright 2015. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights reserved
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