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Be Love, See Love Song Download: The Five Step Shuffle

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I would regularly trade years between the Northwest and the Southwest Unity Region Uniteen's Camp. In 2010 I was down in the Southwest at Camp Elk just behind the San Gabriel Mountains in LA near the small mountain town of Wrightwood. We called this camp the vertical camp as it was built into the side a mountain. Going from my cabin to the gathering hall required quite an effort from this sea-level living guy. Ususally felt much better by the fifth day, just in time to go home...

The themes rotated under director, Rev. Mark Fisk, and in 2010 the Five Step Shuffle theme was actually introduced. Of course, Mark wanted a theme song. So, I set the song in motion pulling the actual five steps of see, face, seek, know, take and shuffled it into existence. As a slowly accelerating repeating song it required movements. This is one of the fun parts of the songs I create for camp...the kids have to put it into motion.

And in this one, they created a set of movements that were at first a challenge for the rest, but soon became a how fast can we do this celebration. The song became so synonymous with Mark Fisk programs that it was a central part of the Celebration of Life when Mark passed 7 years later...a sad loss indeed, of a great man and a powerful facilitator of Teen higher consciousness.

I have introduced the Five Step Shuffle to the West Central and Northwest regions with similar success. It is a great song for establishing a focus, burning off energy, and celebrating the journey.

Five Step Shuffle
Southwest Uniteens Camp

See the possibilities
Face what’s holding you back
Seek guidance
Know you’re supported
Take action
Do the 5 step shuffle
The 5 step shuffle
oh yeah
Oh yeah
See, face, seek, know
Take 5 steps (3x)
Copyright 2010. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights reserved
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