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Be Love, See Love Song Download: The Invitation

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The Northwest Region of Unity holds a Summer Camp in June that invites me to create a closing ritual for the kids based on the theme and experiences of the week. I spend any extra time in my trailer in the Mt. St. Helens National Forest following guidance and creating songs. In 2015 the theme was , We Are the Journey. This song, The Invitation, addresses the moments of living when the Cosmos gives us an opportunity. We either take it or not. The form is based on what is going on in our own life and what we need to help us remember more accurately who we are. This point of choice is critical as the action we take will help design the form of the next moment. Seize the day, it is said. No moment is accidental. It has opportunity written all over it.

Just take it and then see what unfolds...adventure is the constant call of life...

Here I Am it's now
I Am here as me
So many journeys run
Still I have this yearning
I have lived and I have learned
Is it time to take another turn?
Then an invitation is reaching out a hand
Shall I take it?
Or shall I simply stand here?
La la la la la...

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