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Be Love See Love Song Download: Time to Deepen

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Fall Rally 2014 for the West Central YOU brought forth another original theme, Time to Deepen, No More Sleepin'. I got the word of the theme and picked up the guitar. It started to play a very upbeat knee slapper, like a hoe down song, in the good old key of G, the Throat Chakra key. It felt right because this had to be an action song.

I must say that the programs these teens write are very powerful, profound in fact. These new generations are so aware and so ready to take the helm of the good ship, Waking Up. When they gather en masse they are able to undo the impact of what is going on in their outside life and reactivate the energy that will sustain them to meet their Celestial intentions and agreements in these times. Being around them is a privilege. They are the creators of the new world. And songs like,Time to Deepen, No More Sleepin', are some of the tools that motivate them and kick them into action when they return from conferences.

So action it becomes...enjoy the hootenany!...and the changing world...

Time to Deepen
West Central Y.O.U.

Time to deepen, no more sleepin’ (2x)

All these years been-a waitin’ on life
Watchin’ the world go by
There’s a whole lotta love that’s callin’ me
By God it’s time to fly

Time to deepen, no more sleepin’ (2x)

I’m gonna go where I never ever been
I’ll free the me inside
Speak my truth sing my song
Dance in my delight

Raise my hands stomp my feet
Shake my hips Just be me
Circle to the left Dance to the right
Shout out loud
I am I am I am I am I
Copyright 2014. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights reserved
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