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Born to Manifest the Glory Song MP3 Download

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I Am Divine, sometimes I show it
God, I Am, sometimes I know it
Glowing up in me  the Light
Reveal myself to me  Light
My one true destiny  this Light
       I have my moments of challenge
       I have my despair
       I shout hallelujah I scream
       "Oh God that's not fair"
       I get crucified I hang long on my cross
       Long enough to see the Light
       in the core of the loss
       Out across the plain I see
       the whole of I Am
       Yes, there are cracks and crevasses
       but there's lots of I Can's
       Born to manifest the glory
I lay me out a table I invite my past
Cover me with oil, Lord, annoint me fast
My cup it runneth full with Light
My sacred Holy Tool this Light
Universal Glue this Light
       But my knees get weak
       I fall just like a rock
       And the fear comes dancin'
       she laughs and he mocks
       But hey, I Am Holy I'm pure I'm Divine
       I take fear by the hand we embrace this time
       Inside the torrent there's an island so warm
       There's love I can count on
       in each breath I'm reborn
       Born to manifest the Glory
Live in the city travel the land
Welcome the challenge do you understand?
Do not live a small small life
Shrinking will not feed this life
Your essence cannot be denied
Raise your hands and whoop it up just ride
       The Spirit cleanses all releases the mind
       The limitations oscillate and fade away with time
       I gaze into the darkness it reveals a brilliant light
       I smile at my reflection and she laughs back in delight
       As the wind swept mem'ries lean hungry toward the sun
       The angels look down say "our work is almost done"
       Born to manifest the glory
Are you yet who you wanna be
Do you stand upon that cloud?
Do you stand up tall
No matter what comes rainin' down?
Do your eyes see eternity
in the corners of each face?
Can you feel the everything
though you touch a tiny trace
Just a tiny trace
When the day stops movin
does your heart still spin and whirl?
Does the thought of Wholeness
make you rush  into the world?
Can you see yourself with love?
Can you accept the Grace?
Can you be brilliant
though you're feeling out of place?
Can you trust a God who would give you
Every chance and endless ways?
Can you trust a God who would give you
Endless love and endless faith?
Can you trust a God who would give you
Endless love and endless faith?
To become, to become, to become, the Glory

 © 2001. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved.

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