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Building Dreams MP3 Song: Dance with Your Dream

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Too often we celebrate our achievements with very little flair. In this realm where you actively create your best life, celebration is essential. It insures the ongoing flow. The Cosmic forces love a good party, some over the top recognition. It took such a conscious effort, sustainable energetic focus, one step after the other, the releasing of the old get you to the top of this mountain. Shout to the heavens that you did it. Then use this testimony to seed and feed your next I can moment. Dance with this manifestation. Do the Cha Cha, the Twist, the Wah Tusi, the Stroll, the Rhumba, the Waltz, the Country Two Step, the Jazz Improv, the Hokey Pokey...just celebrate what you have manifested...with yourself first...then throw a party inviting all the believers you know.
Well, you have been steady
And you have been strong
You’ve traversed the hills
And the seas
You’ve surpassed resistance
To reach this far shore
Here you stand face to face
With your dream
    Now dance with your dream
    Oh, dance with your dream
    Gracefully move o’er life’s         floor
    You’re here in this moment
    Seizing this day
    And dance with your dream
Think of the roads You have traveled
Think just how far You have come
Never forget your creations
Never forget what you’ve done

                ©June 13, 2002. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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