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Building Dreams MP3 Song: Opening Up

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Song three from the 2002 Adults of Unity Conference focusing on the Mary Manin Morrisey book, Building My Field of Dreams. The more open one is the more receptive they are. Life is Universal energy in constant flow. It takes form with your assistance, brought about by your expressed and anticipated intentions. To be in alignment you must be open to give and receive. Heart first. That allows the Love to infuse your being. Restricting life stresses the system and manufactures resistance...the antithesis of inspiration. Guidance is constant in one way or another. Tune in and allow it. Take it and turn it into action. Open inspired...stand in that Truth...willingly reap the perpetual harvest.
I’m opening up,
My heart and my hands
I’m opening up
To be what I Am
Into my being
The Universe flows
Guidance is given
New ways are shown
As sweet inspiration
She’s taking my hand
She’s lifting me gently
I willingly stand

             ©June 13, 2002. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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