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Chants MP3 Song Download: Ele Ele Tau Mai

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In 2002, I was already engaged in musical work with the Youth of Unity, providing support for major regional and international conferences throughout the movement. I had found how the short, repetitive song format contained in chants was immediately accessible for large group singing. From the foundation of many Native American and Hindu chants, I started incorporating sanskrit mantra and turning them into song. In addition I was writing tons of short songs for congregational singing at the Unity of San Luis Obispo, California, Sunday Services, I started seeing how, they, too, could be used with groups for unifying energetics. In the late 90's while on a trip to Washington DC I came upon the Yes! Bookshop and found a collection of chants and more compiled by Kate marks titled, Circle of Song. In it I discovered this this Hawaiian peace song, Ele Ele Tau Mai. In the familiar key of E minor, this songs helps to contain the traditional idea of power in the Solar Plexus and tame it to be a source of peace. Wow...imagine that!
(Hawaiian Chant)

Ele ele tau mai…

(May the great peacedescend)

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